The most overused phrase for new churches and Florists/Nurseries – “Come Grow With Us!” Ugh. If I see this un-original phrase one more time I am going to stick my hand in the garbage disposal.

The most overused simile when desribing a new movie or novel – “…emotional rollercoaster” as in … Steel Magnolias was an emotional rollercoaster or James Frey’s new novel is an emotional rollercoaster. I am so tired of seeing “emotional rollercoaster” that I want to pluck out my eyeballs, however, I am afraid that if I do someone would write, “Watching Eddie pluck out his eyeballs was such an emotional rollercoaster…” Frick.

The people who work at Starbucks are almost always ultra-perky – almost to the point of being zany.

If Little Debbie has been eating her own snacks all these years, I doubt that she is little anymore and that is why we don’t see her on commercials.

We still see the Pillsbury Doughboy in commercials, I think it would be funny if they made him a little fatter so he would be more realistic – that little fatty.

Blockbuster employees always look like band geeks. (no offense band geeks)

Something about Jodie Foster is sexy, but I am not quite sure what it is.

Gwen Stefani has no pigment, but she is still really hot.

Denzel Washington is Black.

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