Weight Watchers

Personally, I don’t think anyone else could fit into this container after I packed my big self in, but I hear the people in the UK are much thinner – which is apparently true if they can all meet in green trash bin.

I also can’t help but think of how meeting in a trash bin makes people feel about themselves. I’m fat and now I am a piece of trash too? What kind of message are we sending to fat people? That they are worthless to society? That they don’t matter?

I thought Weight Watchers cared about their clients, now it is clear that they are more concerned with hiding them in waste receptacles reducing them to nothing instead of helping them to reduce their waist lines.

I used to think the company name “Weight Watchers” was geared toward the people who were part of the club, now it is clear to me that there are a group of people out there “Watching” for fat people. Weight Watchers is just another name for the Pied Piper and instead of a hypnotic flute luring rats out of town, they have set up trash bins with labels allowing people to discard of themselves.

Special thanks to Mr. Hyde for the above photo.

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