This One Caused a Lot of Drama Too…

Drunken Fiction is up for the most part. I am totally using Alan Meadows photo stream on there for the moment, but the design is all mine.

Now, the post is all mine too and back when I wrote this it caused one blogger to flame me on his site and a few others to scratch their heads with concern. It is the prologue for a book I wrote a couple years back. Since I wrote that book I have learned new and better ways to write, but hey, you got to start somewhere. The prologue was written after the book was completed and I am not sure that it needed to be in there, but I read somewhere that you needed to introduce your antagonist in the first 3 chapters or something like that, and I hadn’t introduced him until probably the 10th chapter and so this took care of that little problem.

This site was partially inspired by EM’s site Flasheville and partly inspired by a comment left on EM’s site by a guy named S.C.

I don’t expect you guys to start keeping up with Drunken Fiction, however, if you would like to contribute a story that is only partly true, but mostly fiction, then please send it my way. Drunken pictures are welcome too, but the word “Drunken” is not to be taken literally – unless you have some really funny pictures of drunks – then yes, I will post them too. I don’t condone drunkeness, but maybe by posting pictures of it people will see how ridiculous they look and stop doing it.

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