Kiss FM Big Money What Is That!

Updated 3/30/06

The newest clue said that these guys would really make you want to “Dance Dance” – and so it is obviously Fall Out Boy but what is the noise that they are making?

Updated 3/29/06

Here is the newest clue:

Have you figured it out, or do you have a mental block?
These 4 guys, really rock.

This clue doesn’t help me at all.

KISS FM 106.1 FM has a secret sound contest going on right now. It is the coolest because you have a great shot at winning if you know the sound. Last time the jackpot was 40,000 and I was 2 callers too early to win!! I actually got through and was caller 7 and they wanted caller 9. I was livid. Anywho, maybe you can help me win by helping me figure it out.

I have uploaded a recording of the secret sound using my digital camera. The sound quality is perfect and that is what is important, the video is just black. The clue today was that there are 4 guys and the sound sounds like something they are making with a toy, like a bop-it.

Someone guessed this morning that it was Maroom 5, but they didn’t know the sound and you have to guess the sound and the the people. The Jackpot is currently 25,000 dollars and it goes up everytime someone guesses wrong.

So let me know if you can figure it out. Here is the clip.

Again, it is a .mov file and so please allow for it to load as it is 4.85MB’s.

If you are in Dallas, good luck. They give out clues every morning at 7:20

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