Weekend Update

Who is George Mason?

A little school just minutes outside of Washington D.C. They have beaten UNC, Michigan St., and yesterday during overtime they beat UCONN. George Mason University is in the final four. I am not even a big basketball fan, but who doesn’t enjoy rooting for the underdog?

Guys Night Out

I have some very close friends in Denton that I absolutely love to hang out with. 7 of us guys got together and went out because Cody Miller’s fiance was having a lingerie shower. Most of the wives and girlfriends were at the shower leaving the dudes free to feast on cheeseburgers laced with jalepenos, sweet potato fries, onion rings and cheddar poppers. Then we went bowling and worked off some of our meal. Later we hung out on the back porch of Cody’s house and talked Bible around the Chiminea. We got into some deep discussion’s about Free Grace and Lordship. It was a neat discussion and I enjoyed the time immensely.

McFadden Ranch

Sunday Cody and I went to McFadden Ranch where we led praise and worship and then I spoke about putting on the full armor of God. Such a basic teaching that can be applied in so many ways and I think it went well. I also really enjoy singing with Cody who has gotten so dang good over the past few years. Used to I always lead, no sometimes he leads and I do the backup vocals. It is the coolest and we have the best time practicing.

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ll admit it, this show made me tear up last night. It was just so sad watching those two people fused together by that pole that was stuck through both of them. One of them had to die and they had to choose and it was so difficult to watch as Meredith tried to save the girl even after the other doctors had given up on her. Did you watch it? What did you think?

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