A Romans Conference!

Many of you know that I travel 4-6 times a year and assist with the Song of Solomon conferences taught by Tom Nelson. It is a fun gig and it is nice getting to go and learn new stuff. I am also a big fan of Doug Hudson who owns Hudson Productions. He has made a career out of sharing the word of God in a unique and exciting way and he is always an inspiration and godly man that I look up to and admire.

Tom Nelson teaches a discipleship program every year that is 9 months long. It is 4 days a week from 6-8 AM and it is filled with lots of cool teaching. During that time he gave us a Romans quiz and it was 100 questions, most of which were VERY obscure and I failed the test miserably. Tom’s exact words, “Some of you were suckling on the teet of stupidity.” I was in that group. I do remember Tom saying “If I had to pick one book of the Bible it would be Romans, and if I had to pick one chapter, it would be Romans 3 and if I had to choose just one verse, it would be Romans 3:24.”

That being said, here is a note from Doug about the conference:

Family and Friends,

I hope this email finds you doing well. I want to let you know of a very exciting, fun and hopefully life changing event that is going to happen on June 15-17. Tommy Nelson and I have decided to begin an annual Bible conference each June right here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. In fact, it will be held at Denton Bible Church and there brand new 3,500 seat Sanctuary.
It is our passion and goal to teach the Bible in a powerful and effective way, and provide a fun and enjoyable environment to hear the Word. The conference is entitled:

Tommy Nelson DIRECT Bible Conference – Romans…Texas Style

You will have 10 hours of live teaching from Tommy, fajitas from La Hacienda Ranch, BBQ from Eddie Deen, specialty coffee throughout the weekend, free time to play in Texas, and we are ordering 1500 Dublin Dr. Peppers…in glass bottles. Should be a pretty good time.
Here is a link to our brand new website to get more info

I hope you can make this a fun summer trip to Dallas to enjoy some of the finest Bible teaching on an incredible book of Scripture and some good Texas Hospitality. Thanks for reading this and help us spread the word…

God bless you and your family.

Doug Hudson
Hudson Productions

I will be there, you will see me gorging on fajitas!

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