The real “About Me”

By the time I was 5 I was America’s Top Child Model. Brown was the new white and I was totally the “It” kid.

By the age of 10 I had invented a cure for cancer that I sold to the government which they destroyed because of the devestating effects it would have had the economy.

At 12 I was the creative marketing genius that helped Bill Gates copyright and license DOS which would later turn him into a billionaire.

Finding it hard to keep my anonymity I move to West Africa, Ghana and started my own cult that grew to over 20,000 members. Bored with so much power I gave it up at 14 and adopted 6 children of various races wih the intention of moving them to an island and creating an entirely new race.

Creating super humans became too much of a chore and so I decided to leave that to God and I joined a monkery where I didn’t speak for a year. In that silence I heard voices and these voices told me to go home to America and to start blogging.

Back in America I decided to fight for justice and equality and I became one the top ny lawyers. Unfortunately, I blogged confidential information and was tossed into prison for 3 years. While in prison I learned 8 languages and memorized the Bible in Hebrew and Greek.

Upon leaving prison I went through great pains to change my identity. I am now Edward Charles Renz, blog writer, dreamer, and closet genius. My life now is uncomplicated and my card is American Express – as I was the last recipient of the exclusive “Black” card.

If I am not in Plano then you might find me at my Vacation Home Orlando or in Hawaii where I am testing a slew of Marine Electronics.

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