Meme Meme bo beenie banana fana fo feenie – Meme!

I got this from Dobbyus who got it from Daisy,

List ten things you want to say to people you know but you never will, for whatever reason. Don’t say who they are. Use each person only once: Memetic

1. I am in love with your wife, what do you think about polygamy?

2. I’d like to have a relationship with you, but I don’t like disappointment.

3. You would be cool… if you were a mute.

4. Every day you make me proud to be your friend

5. I have a man crush on you.

6. I can’t stop thinking about you and no matter who I am with, I am always comparing them to you, why don’t you wake up and realize that you should be with me?

7. I hope that I never disappoint you, but in order for me to be me, I know that sometimes I will.

8. The truth would have been much easier for me to swallow, to live with, why did you feel the need to tell me a lie?

9. I wish we could change places for a while so you would understand me better.

10. You are beautiful, smart, funny, but I am just not that into you – because you are also a little bit psycho.

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