When it’s not “More Bueno”

Have you ever called into a radio station and won “A free lunch for 10 to a Mexican Restaurant!”?

Well, one time my sister Precious called into a radio station and won a lunch for 10 to Taco Bueno. At the time we were big fans of Taco Bueno and so we were totally stoked. When my sister told me that she won and that I was getting to go with her to this fabulous free lunch I immediately started dreaming about endless Mucho Nachos, Bueno Chilada Platters, bowls of quacamole and rivers of salsa. (When it comes to food my imagination can get a little carried away)

So long story short – we arrived at Taco Bueno with our coupon in hand for our free lunch for 10. Imagine my dissapointment when the free lunch was 10 party tacos and 1o party burritos and 1o small drinks. Thankfully, we had only brought 5 people and so we were able to actually get full. You should have seen us all huddled around the 10 small drinks and the paltry pile of tacos and burritos. Something about it reminded me of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes that were given to Christ on the day he fed the 5000, except after we blessed our meager portion it didn’t multiply to even fill us up, much less 4,995 more people with12 baskets of leftovers to spare.

So next time, if you want more, just saying “Bueno” is probably not going to do it. Instead I suggest bringing your wallet and just ordering enough food to actually fill you up.

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