Miss Stephanie

The above photos is the before photo – and below is the photo after I made her look more like Stephanie. This has been my greatest photoshop challenge ever. Removing the blonde hair and creating the red hair was the most difficult, but it was also difficult to create the shoulder, arm, and dress area so that it looked like ti was made that way and not that I had drawn it. I think now you can hardly tell that they were the same image – and that is cool.

Click here and you can see Stephanie’s new BlogJacket. It still surprises me sometimes how when I first start a design I have no idea how it is going to end up. I usually go through about 40 diffrent font styles, numerous colors, and 3-4 layouts before I finally decide on something that is going to work. When the final product is done I am sometimes disappointed that it doesn’t turn out the way I had hoped, other times, it turns out better than I ever could have imagined. Thankfully this one is the latter.

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