You can never have too much Candy…

Candy is super sweet – no pun intended – and could she be any more perfect? I mean wow. She is so pretty she is almost unreal. I had to get a quick picture with her and I never get pictures with the girls becuase girls are usually getting pictures with me! (if only that were true)

Chanc and Jonathan came to the game last night. The Mavericks won and the game was only somewhat interesting, but the great thing about a Mavs game is that they are fun even when the game isn’t all that happening.

Chanc turned 22 yesterday. Happy Birthday Chanc! I remember when he was born, I was 8 years old and he was the cutest baby with his black hair and blue eyes. Too bad he grew up to be such a big lug. He’s my favorite cousin because his personality is just like mine. He loves to have fun all the time.

More photos uploaded to flickr.

And here is a video of Jonathan – of course he didn’t realize he was on video. If you listen closely you can hear me talking and then I stop because I start laughing.

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