An Eddo Update

So did I tell everyone that I got a promotion at work? Well, I did. I work on the same team, but I train people, and I do rate plan optimization and my job-that-used-to-rock-but-had-become-a-mite-bit-unchallenging has suddenly become a job that really rocks and is incredibly challenging. In the words of the blessed Steve – “God is Good.”

Also, my little design-on-the-side business has kept me quite busy lately. If you look at this link and this link you will see a couple of current projects. I have 3 more in my design basket that I haven’t even started on.

I also have The Blog Patrol site that I have started to update again as well as Drunken Fiction to work on.

I constantly remind myself how wonderful my little insignificant life is, and part of that wonderfulness comes from you. Thank you to those of you that let me create something for you even if it wasn’t all that great, and thank you for coming to my site day after day and leaving me comments making me feel like what I have to say is important or humorous even when it is nothing more than incessant babbling about myself.

I love you all.

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