I Give Up!

A year ago today I gave up Dr. Pepper. Alan Meadows said it best, “God created the world in 6 days and when he was done he saw that it was good and he shed a tear and he bottled that tear and called it Dr. Pepper.”

I love Dr. Pepper, so much so that I used to drink 4-6 12 ounce cans of the stuff a day! I am surprised my kidneys still work. I used to go out and eat and I would get refill after refill of this heavenly beverage and when the meal was over I am sure I consumed a minimum of 4 glasses in one sitting – sometimes more.

I know you might think I am joking, but I am not when I say that I was addicted to Dr. Pepper the way some people are addicted to other drugs. It was the sugar-caffeine combination that held me in it’s grip and I couldn’t not break free.

For me, I have to quite some things cold turkey. I can’t just have a glass of Dr. Pepper once a week or once a month – no, if I start, I have to drink and drink until I am in a sugar induced coma with adult onset diabetes. That is why I had to completely give them up.

So with the dawn of my 1 year no Dr. Pepper Anniversary, I decided to give something else up. A friend of mine suggested I give up potatoes and I think that is what it will be unless the internet gives me a better suggestion.

Can I give up potatoes? I don’t know, but I do know that they are about as unhealthy as Dr. Pepper. Oh, and I am NOT giving up chocolate – that would be an unfathomable feat that would take my death to accomplish.

So what unhealthy item should I give up?

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