Change is Imminent

Eddo and the City – that was the name of my other template that everyone seemed to love. It’s simple Italian Trattoria style masthed in sepia tones matched with subtle shades of brown seemed to be soothing to everyone.

The old template was indeed warm and inviting, but it wasn’t complex. It contained very few special CSS elements and it did nothing to challenge my programming skills – this new template does. The template you are looking at took me about 30 hours to create. It uses more images that any other template design that I have done. It also has jump list for my blog roll and a flikr photo album that dynamically pulls my most recently uploaded images from the flikr website.

Eddo and the City took me about an hour to create. I created it last year, and it didn’t push me to try anything new. If you know me, then you know that I like to constantly challenge myself. I get bored so darn easily and this site is my ultimate creative outlet. Here I am actually pretty good at something and I can see the results quickly. This site is my therapy.

Not all of my design concepts make good blog websites – if you see my Marry Me page you will see a design that I did that looked good in my brain, but didn’t come out so well on the web – but it was fun trying it out. I am also working this site into a manageable cascading style sheet design where the style sheet is external to the page – something that I have been too lazy to alter in the past. Once I make these changes the site can be entirely edited by changing one page and that will be nice – especially when it comes to blogger updates. Publishing a new template for 6 blogs is time consuming.

So I have bored you long enough. I’ll post something interesting later.

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