Rolling Stones?

More like Rolling Bones…

Why did the half-time of the Super Bowl have to feature the Rolling Stones?
If I wanted to see the Crypt Keeper I would have watched reruns of Tales from the Crypt. And was that Frankenstein on the drums or a zombie from Night of the Living Dead? I don’t mean to hate, the Stones are a classic group, but come on – enough already! The Superbowl should have gotten U2 and Mary J. Blige to perform. Did you see them last night on the Grammy’s? THEY TORE. IT. UP!

And speaking of the Grammy’s…

Kanye West didn’t win – again – but he was up against some stiff competition – U2 – who ended up winning about 9000 Grammy’s last night for their album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

Did you see Christina Aguilera? She looked MUCH better (less dirt more shirt) and she sang beautifully while Herbie Hancock played the piano – now that is classy.

And I know everyone loves to hate on Mariah Carey, but that girl can blow! She set it off with We belong together and then ended with some new song I have never heard. Did you know she can sing in 7 octaves? Did you know that her mother is an Opera singer? Did you know that she once asked me out on a date and I turned her down because I was going through the Program at Denton Bible Church where we are not allowed to date. Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that.

Also, did you catch Kelly Clarkson’s performance of Because of You? She is like a slice of heavenly bread with angel butter – her singing is just delicious, and so is she.

I also enjoyed the country performance by Sugarland – despite the fact that the microphone kept messing up, they still rocked it and that lead singer woman is hot. She is sexy and seasoned and I am not sure if I have said it in the past but I will say it now – I have always had a thing for older women – just call me Ashton Kutcher…

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