The Scent of a… Man

This morning I got up and went for an early run. I never run in the mornings but after watching American Idol last night I felt inspired. There was this really fat guy on there and I realized that if I didn’t get my butt up off the couch more often and start watching what I eat then I was going to end up looking like him.

So I am running along and all this white Ford passes me and I could literally smell cologne in the truck’s wake. How do you know when you are using too much cologne? When people outside of your car can smell it while they are jogging.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I have a heightened sense of smell. Sometimes if I think someone is going to smell bad I hold my breath when I pass them. Sometimes I hold it even when I don’t think somoene is going to smell bad, I just don’t want to smell them. However, if someone does smell good, I notice. There is nothing more attractive to me than a good smelling woman. Beautiful, Chloe Narcisse, Tommy Girl, Romance, Alfred Sung, Pure, Tresor, Amarige, Eternity, Poeme – I know these fragrances well and I love to smell them on a woman. Any woman, no matter how vanilla or plain that they are, can throw on one of these fragrances and suddenly become an exotic beauty to me.

Men, just my advice, women like a good smelling man, but no one likes a man that wears so much cologne that they can’t breathe without their nostrils burning when you are near. Lighten up.

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