Cheesy Love – Not for the Lactose Intolerant

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to whip up some poetry.

It seems that women are split when it comes to their love of romantic prose. Recently, it seems that most of the women I talk to think it to be cheesy, so for them, I give you…

Cheesy Love by Eddie Renz

Our love is like a bowl of queso
Spicy and rich if I may say so
Aged to perfection year after year
It pleases the palate like a wedge of Gruyere.

Sometimes it’s bitter, but mostly it’s bliss
Reminds me of, a nice block of Swiss.
It makes me merrier than a fat happy Buddha
Like a tray of apples with slices of Gouda.

Like American, or Colby, or good ol’ Jack
You are always perfect as midnight snack
You are so sharp, there are none better
You can be mild or bold – just like cheddar.

Smooth and creamy you aim to please
Pefect with pizza – just like goat cheese
Sometimes nutty, but never bleu
Without you girl I wouldn’t know what to do

You are my Ricotta, my fresh parmesan
The reason for living when the chips are all gone
Like hot melted Emmenthaler in a fondue bowl,
You make me complete, you make me whole.

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