Drunken Fiction

I was reading over at Edgy Mama’s one day and S.C. left a comment that “Drunken Fiction” is always the best.

I don’t know why but the title made me laugh. Then I thought of Jackie Chan and Drunken Master, and that made me think that it would be a cool domain name and so I registered it.

I need a site to install a moveable type blog on and now I have one. I also want to have a place to put my short stories, and maybe my longer ones as well. I like to write, and lately I have been working on my poetry as well.

So here is the link for the new site. The design that is up now almost looks dangerous and I am not sure if that is the feel I was going for, but when I was done with it artwork I liked it nonetheless.

I apologize if you don’t like the title. It implies that people are going to get drunk and then write – maybe. But it might also mean that all my writing sounds like a drunk man wrote it?

Either way, I always appreciate my readers feedback, positive or negative, I like feedback.

I also thought about making this site similar to what Anne Fitten / Edgy Mama is doing over at , but I am not sure that I have the patience to read through other people’s fiction, nor the heart to tell them that it isn’t good. I also cannot punctuate to save my life, but I don’t think punctuation is always necessary to write a good story. One thing I learned from Julia Cameron and The Artists Way is that you shouldn’t allow insecurity about your grammar skills keep you from writing, and so I don’t.

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