I Was Bored

I don’t normally do these. I don’t believe in Horoscopes or anything related to astrology. However, this was a quiz and it is funny how these little quizes can sometimes peg you right on the money. I don’t think it has anything to do with the month you were born, it is just some simple deductive reasoning.

I liked the last line of this thing, it says I enjoy pigging out on fast food, especially burritos. How did it know that? HOW!?!?!

You Should Be A Gemini

What’s good about you: witty and energetic, you’re simply the most fun to be around

What’s bad about you: you’re flighty – losing interest in people and projects quickly

In love: you enjoy the “honeymoon phase,” but after that it’s hard for you to stick around

In friendship, you’re: likely to have many groups of friends, with many different interests

Your ideal job: mime, guru, or cartoonist

Your sense of fashion: casual and simple

You like to pig out on: fast food, especially burritos

What Sign Should You Be?

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