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First of all a shout out to many of my new readers. Hello Micah, Holly, Bees Knees, Joy, Lissette, Jared, and Logan Bennett. I have probably missed a bunch more, but all of you stand out in my head for some reason… oh, wait, it’s because you commented recently.

Hello to my current readers who have stuck by my side through good posts and bad posts. I love you all to pieces and I apologize if I have not been as chatty on your blogs lately, it is not because I don’t love you, it is that when I do design work the rest of the world fades away. I guess design is my biggest addiction.

Here are some design’s I have done recently.

Sweeter than Ever – my mom’s site

Lavalocust – My sister’s site

Flasheville – A work in progress for Anne Fitten and Ash Vegas

And I have been killing myself trying to rework BlogJacket into something fun and excting.

Here is a mockup of an idea. Click on it for the larger size. I would like something that is really different and eye-catching. I like this design because it reminds me of Neiman Marcus and the 70’s for some reason. Anyway, I am going to come up with a bunch of different designs and then get some feedback to see what is the best.

I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I know the story, and I have heard about the book my entire life, but I don’t think I actually ever read the book. I distinctly remember that the book was read to me, but I don’t remember by who.

When I get done reading it I am going to have to jot down all of my favorite quotes from the book. I really like Miss Maudie, I like this line that she said when I was reading today “People in their right mind never take pride in their talents”. How true.

Last night I was driving down the George Bush Turnpike and there was this Geek Squad Volkswagen Bug putting along and as I passed I looked in the window and sure enough – it contained one geek. Glasses, canary yellow polo shirt, skin the color of skim milk and stringy hair – if I had looked up the word “Geek” in the Encyclopedia Brittanica, it would have had this exact visage there – except for one thing – as a bonus this kid had his THUMB wedged up in his nose. Geek squad car, geeky appearance, nose picking with thumb = SUMO GEEK.

Which made me think about how so many people look like their profession. Like teachers, they almost always look like they should be standing in front of a classroom with their frazzled hair, plaid skirt, some sort of vest with an apple appliqued to it, and of course a frumpy color.

Construction workers normally look more rugged, they normally have muscle tone because they are lifting lumber instead of donuts and they have tans from working outside.

My question is: Do people that fit a certain description automatically make them a candidate for a certain job? Or does the job change people into looking like they fit it? Something to chew on.

But back to the Geeks. Tomorrow night the season premiere of Beauty and the Geek with Ashton Kutcher will be back for it’s second season. It appears that they have chosen the dumbest pretty girls, and stuck them with the smartest geeks. Does this further the stereotype that pretty people are stupid and that ugly people are smart? Is that really a stereotype or is that just an eddotype?

Gotta run now. I am hungry. I gave a homeless man all of my pocket change and so I didn’t get to have my usual peanut snack.

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