Total World Domination

What did you do today? Me? I went over to Cody Miller’s house and fixed his internet connection. Using my deductive reasoning (read: Device Manager in the Control Panel) I was able to discern that the network drivers had become corrupted after the installation of a third party device.

After being without internet for a few days – Travis, Cody’s older brother, was starting to throw a fit due to internet withdrawal. At one point he was so bothered and jumpy that it appeared he was going through a mild case of the D.T.’s (Delerium Tremens). I remedied the problem with 2 mouse clicks and 30 seconds of my time. It was better than a slam dunk, It was a complete 3-pointer – nothing but net.

So today, I might not have saved a third world country from starving, I may not have stopped the war in Iraq, and no, I didn’t find a cure for AIDS, but I brought the internet back to a family that had lost it. I brought Google, and Yahoo, and blogs, and Paris Hiltion and Justin Timberlake (Who seems to be MIA), online poker, and news, weather, and sports, back into the lives of some people that could not live without them. When you can do that people; when you can resurrect an internect connection the way Jesus brought Lazarus out of the grave – then you can rule the world!

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