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About once a week I get emails from girls telling me how much they enjoy reading my “Marry Me” section of my blog. Sometimes they tell me that it makes them cry and that it is nice to know that there are good men out in the world. It makes me a little sad because I know I am an okay dude, but I am still just a dude- and ladies, when it comes to dudes, we all mess up, some more than others.

So, I got an email yesterday that said I had a post dedicated to me on her site and so I read it and I responded.

Read her blog post here – and this was my response, which you can also read in her comment section.

Yes, Stephanie, I am for real – or at least I try to be.

I try to be a good man, I fail miserably at times, but I do try. In my
search for a mate I started the “Marry Me” section of my blog just for fun (as
you can tell from the first few posts) and then I started sharing more of my
heart and what I really hoped to be when I became a husband.

Some men have made fun of me for writing my feelings so openly, but many
women have told me that they really like what I have written, and they hoped,
like you, that I was being sincere.

My father has been a great example of what a godly man should be, however,
I owe even more to my mother. Unselfish and Godly, she has raised me to be
caring and gentle. Most of my life I have been labeled, “Gentle Giant”. I always
preferred to be thought of as big and tough, but despite my size, I have never
been even the slightest bit mean.

I have heard many women tell me that they have been in hurtful
relationships. My mother came from an alcoholic home, and I know a few girls
that have been abused verbally and physically – it breaks my heart and I am
sorry that you have been hurt.

Now, I have a girlfriend and I try to always make her feel special. Maybe
one day we will get married, but only God knows what my future holds. The key to
all things in life is to seek God first, to have a true relationship with him,
and then we can reach our full potential. One day, when I do get married, I will
be sure to emphasize to my wife that each day she needs to trust fully in God,
because if she puts all of her trust in me I am sure to let her down. Each
person in a relationship must understand the importance of a Christ centered

I pray Stephanie, that someday you find someone that will love you and
treat you the way every woman should be treated – like a prize.

Being hurt is something that takes time to get over and that healing process is much faster when you have God to rely on.

Much Love.

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