Fun with Cat and Eddo

This was my first series of Holidays with a girlfriend. From Thanksgiving right up through New Years we spent the Holidays together and had a great time. I especially loved going to parties WITH someone. When you are a social person, and I think we can all agree that I am, you have lots of parties and social stuff to do. Doing them alone is all fine and dandy, but doing them with someone you care about is 10 times better.

One of my favorite things to say (and I know some of you are going to roll your eyes at me and possibly even vomit) is “I’ll have to check with Cat to see if she can go.”

All of my life I have heard couples use this phrase and there was part of me, a teensy tiny part, that envied these people. That tiny seed of envy could sometimes grow into a tree of anger if I heard the phrase too often.

Christmas is definitely more fun when you have a girlfriend to buy for, believe it or not, a first for me. I’ve dated girls in the past, but they all seemed to be Spring flings (literally) and they always ended before the holidays.

Shopping for Cat is easy, she has a very distinct style and she is very outspoken about what she does and doesn’t like – which is one of the things I really like about her. (Eddo doesn’t like guess work.)

Giving is fun, but it is also fun to receive. This year I received a North Face jacket and a North Face shirt from Cat. I love The North Face. She coud have bought me a plastic North Face trash sack and I would have been happy, and I would have worn it – EVERYDAY. FOREVER. Much like I am wearing the jacket that she got me despite the 80 degree weather I AM WEARING IT!

Now it is back to real life and thank God things are slowing down. It is time to detoxify from the Holidays. The great thing about eating so bad for so long is that eating right feels awesome, it is not even a struggle. (Except when your co-worker brings in a plate of mexican food, then yeah, there’s a tiny struggle)

Cat, I believe, is going to start a fast today. When she told me about the fast I thought to myself – I should do that too! (Easy to think on a full stomach!) I got up this morning and I was quite ravenous after eating a very small dinner last night. I realized that unless God himself shut my mouth, the way he shut Zechariah’s (John the Baptist’s father), there would be no chance of me going on any type of fast. No, this morning I ate 6 scrambled eggs for breakfast and enjoyed every ounce of cholesterol and protein. So I applaud Cat for her amazing will power. I only wish that she could detoxify for both of us.

Take care my brethren and sisteren.

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