Hola 2006 – Bienvenidos!

Goodbye 2005, you were good to me and like God, you gave and you took away.

You took some loved ones and you made my cry, but with each tear I learned to appreciate life more. Now I hug more, and I tell those I love how much they mean to me.

You helped me take away 40 pounds and helped me add a few muscles.

You helped me learn new things, and to create.

To share, and to give.

You brought new friends and many laughs.

I became an uncle. I turned 30.

I got a girlfriend. (Rock On!)

My hair is thinner, but my life is thick and luxurious.

So now with 2o05 gone, I say “Hello 2006”. What do you have in store for me? What surprises will you bring?

Resolutions? I don’t really have any this year. I only plan to live one day at a time and to try to be a better man each day. To focus more on God and less on myself.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed 2006.

I love you all.


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