The Twelve Days of Christmas – DQ Style

When I was in the 7th grade we road the school bus to school. I had my two sisters with me and we all sat in the back with our friends and normally had a great time goofing around together.

One year we were riding the bus and we started to make up the 12 Days of Christmas with food from Dairy Queen.

I will share it with you now in revers so that you can just see how it went down…

On the 12th day of Christmas my True Love Gave to me

12 Tater tots

11 Milk Shakes

10 Oreo Blizzards

9 Steak Sandwiches

8 Chocolate Dipped Cones

7 Apple Pies

6 Coco-Cola’s

5 ONION RINGS – SAAAA! (We really extended the ending)

4 Hunger Buster’s

3 French Fries

2 Corny Dogs


Now that, my dear friends, is TRUE LOVE!

Merry Christmas!

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