Say Bueno!

Just in case you didn’t know, the very best thing you can order at Taco Bueno is the Combination burrito with guacamole and queso. It costs 3.97 when you order it this way instead of 1.99, but IT.IS.WORTH.IT.

Beans, Meat, Cheese, and Guac in a fresh soft tortilla is pure mouth bliss. I am sure that if the Mayan’s had Taco Bueno, then they would have made a burrito shaped idol and bowed down and worshipped it. They would have danced around large cauldron’s of refried beans chanting, Bur Reet Toe – Bur Reet Toe! In the caves, we would have seen hieroglyphics with people fighting, not over land or corn, but over an oversized burrito with gaucamole and queso! Civilizations would have been destroyed over this tasty bit of heaven and speaking of heaven…

I think if you look at the Apocrypha, it mentions that the Israelites when they were fleeing Egypt, were not actually being guided by a pillar of clouds as Exodus states, but by a huge floating burrito. (Perhaps that is why the Apocrypha was not cannonized?)

Something to ponder while you eat a burrito…

Merry Christmas!

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