Happy Birthday to Me!

I woke up this morning in my birthday suit! I NEVER sleep nekkid, I just prefer to sleep in loose fitting boxers. Last night I went to bed in a pair of superman boxers and I woke up this morning without them!?!?!?! I just thought how odd it was to wake up in my birthday suit on my birthday! I must have been dreaming about taking a shower or something, I can’t imagine why else I would need to undress?

Also, last night at around 7pm my sister had her baby!!! I AM NOW SUPER UNCLE EDDO Times 3!!!! (Nikki and Sarah who are like sisters to me had their babies this year too, and Cody Miller’s sister is going to have hers any day now!)

Can you believe it! His name is Aiden Skyler Thompson. He is 8 pounds even and 20.25 inches long! He is really white and has blue eyes. They say babies eyes change color, but I hope his stay blue because they sure are pretty right now.

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