SOS Christmas

Yesterday was the Song of Solomon Christmas party luncheon at Maguires. Normally we have the luncheon at Maggiano’s, which is a delectable feast of family style dishes. Maguires was nice and the food was great, but since they don’t serve the food family style you don’t get to try a little bit of everything – and if you know me, then you know I like a little bit of everything!

Tom Nelson always comes to the party as well as a handful of other people that work for Doug Hudson and it is always a blast. Each year we get little gifts on the table, last year it was Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark and Mint Hot Chocolate. This year it was a tin of hot chocolate from Williams Sonoma and we had little chocolate attached to our name tags at the table. It is always a delight to go to these parties and spend time with such wonderful people.

Tonight 9 of my closest friends and Cat are coming to the Mavericks game tonight. They will get to see me perform live and I am really excited. It is Amber Bruner’s birthday and so her and Joe are coming from Waco as well! Yeah! It is going to be a fun night.

Much Love.


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