Let Me Pencil You In!

I got to lookin’ at my calendar this month and it is filling up really fast. I often try to tell people that I get really busy and they give me this look and then say, “Well, try to pencil me in” as if I really have to check my schedule. Here is a quick glance at my December.

Dec. 1 ManiAAC performance
Dec. 3rd Cat’s Office Christmas Party – (Gladly) Canceled NYC Pot Luck and Mavs game to attend
Dec. 6th, 7th, and 13th, Mavs ManiAAC practice
Dec. 13th Christmas Luncheon Performance at work at 11:15 – Christmas NSYNC routine
Dec. 13th 11:45 Song of Solomon Christmas Luncheon Maggiano’s
Dec. 14th – Perform with Mav’s ManiAAC’s. Bought 10 tickets so 10 friends can come and watch. It is also Amber Bruner’s birthday!
Dec. 16th Work Christmas Party – I am the party planner for this one.
Dec. 17th It is my 30th birthday
Dec. 22nd 9th Annual Coit Street Christmas Party – I am also part organizer of this party.
Dec. 25th Leave for Kentucky and return on Dec. 31st.

Now I left out normal stuff like going to the movies on Friday night to see Aeon Flux. Sunday slideshow presentation at the boys home. Dates with Cat, Church, etc. etc.

The great thing is I love it. I love being busy, I just want people to be understanding when I tell them that I am busy and, yes, it does indeed require me to look at my calendar before I can commit to something.

Egg Nogg Latte’s with a side of Merry Christmas!

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