Friday, November 04, 2005

Kiss FM Big Money What is That?

My apologies to my readers that don't listen to Kiss FM (I keep getting email requests for this)- however, they are giving away 33,000 now and the secret sound is two parts! It is a guy saying, "Like That" and it sounds like basketball in the background. You have to name the guy saying "Like That" and you have to name the sound.

Here are the clues that I have heard so far:

Tuesday 11/22/2005: They come in all colors, they are not all the same some of them are fancy, some are them are plain

The lady guessed a coke machine - a guess that was already guessed.

Thursday 11/10/2005 You got the first part, all you need is the second one - This is something that is done or undone (the lady guessed Rich interviewing 50 Cent! UGH!)

Wednesday 11/9/2005 The Clue was - He is not a musician or actor, but he is a STAR and they really emphasized STAR - as in he is a Dallas Star.

Tuesday 11/8/2005 - the Clue was - The sound is something a woman rarely makes - which made me think of armpit fart noises, or some other fart noise with the hand.

Monday 11/7: What this man does for a living - isn't for the meek.

Fridays Clue:

It's not a chef, Ryan or Dirk, but in the Metroplex, we all know his work

He is someone that you would want to marry

Someone who lives in Texas

The sound he is making, he is making with his hand.

Wrong Guesses:

Frankie J clapping his hands

Dirk Nowitzki snapping his fingers

Ryan Cabrera snapping his fingers

Colin Farrel teaching someone to play ping-pong

As I hear more throughout the day I will update this.

I also plan to post about my Woman-to-Woman Pregnancy Dinner last night - A Teaser - The girl I went with was lookin' gooooood!

40,000 dollars! Clues, Clues, Clues, Clues, Kiss FM, Big Money, What is That? Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Kiss FM Big Money What is that?
Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Here are the current clues!


Saur?Kraut said...

I like the Colin Farrel idea! But, maybe it's because I like Colin. However, that makes me ask the next obvious (well, obvious to ME) question: Who would give their kid a name that sounds like an intestine???

5:51 AM  
Joe & Julie said...

Man, the clues seem pretty vast to me??? Anyone else? LOL I am not familiar with the Texas area at all, so no guesses here! Sorry Eddo. But, don't loose faith, thats a nice chunk of $$$$$$!!!! lol

6:07 AM  
Stephanie said... confused.

10:24 AM  
Heather said...

Not sure on the hand stuff but for the guy I would say Matthew McConaughey. He lives in Texas, his work (movies) are shown at the Metroplex and you would want to marry him (I know I do and J. Lo did in the Wedding Planner).

Need more info on the hand sounds...

1:48 PM  
Heather said...

Could be playing the bongos? He does that - naked.

1:49 PM  
Katie said...

Eddie you posted about last night earlier and now it is gone. What's up?

2:12 PM  
Chad said...

I'm going to say it's Mike Modano hitting a hockey puck. I haven't heard the sound and don't listen to KISS FM, so I could be very wrong. Or I could be a frickin' genius.

Actually, I am a frickin' genius. Maybe I'm just an frickin' evil genius.

5:16 PM  
Cav said...

matthew McCaunehey playing bongos.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous said...

I was thinking of Mike Modano too. But to repeat, I don't listen to KISS and I haven't heard the sound, so I could be very wrong as well.

9:40 AM  
Heather said...

What was the answer on this?

5:07 PM  
Eddo said...

The prize is up to 40,000 thousand now! It hasn't been answered yet heather!

1:21 PM  
Shannon said...

Just wondering if anyone caught the Big $, what is that clue for Thurs. 11/17/05. Thanks! :)-

5:46 PM  
Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the Big Money Sound clues for Thursday, the 17th & Monday, the 21st??? PLEASE...

7:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

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3:42 PM  

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