One More Turkey Day Story

I thought Amstaff Mom was going to tell this story, but she didn’t and so I must.

While playing Catch Phrase with Cat and AM’s parents on Friday, Brian and I were put on the same team with their Mom.

So picture the girls on the team with their dad and the boys on the team with their Mom and their mom is trying to get us to say “Thighs” and so she says, “What is the part of my body I like the least?” And Brian and I are totally stumped. We start shouting out things like “Toes, Eyebrows! Knees! Ankles!” Then Brian says, “Is it above the waist or below the waist?” And AM’s Mom says, “Below the WAIST!” and the timer is ticking and she needs to pass it and finally she says, “It starts with a T!” and Brian and I look at each other and for the life of me I can think of NOTHING below the waist that starts with a T!

Finally she just gives up and passes it to Cat and then I blurt out “THIGHS!” as the word finally comes to me. Oh.My.Word.

Even days later thinking back to that moment and it’s hilarity makes me laugh.

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