Yellow Emperor’s Monkey Somersault

I ended my weekend with guess what – more eating.

I did, however, bike 11 miles on Sunday morning with Joe and Amber and so I was allowed one final over-indulgent meal. This meal included a cactus blossom, fried chicken strips, fried catfish, mashed potatoes, baked beans, and hot rolls with cinnamon honey butter. It was good, but it was even better because Cat was with me. I raced back from Waco when she told me she didn’t have to work and that she would be in Denton.

Traffic was a beast and thankfully I made it back to Denton in time to go to church with Cat and then to dinner and then back to Amstaff Mom’s house (Cat’s sister) for a game of Wahoo. Wahoo is a game where you have to get your marbles around the board with each roll of the dice. However, if your opponent lands on you, you have to go back “home”.

Wahoo is fun and we destroyed Amstaff Mom and her husband toward the end of the game. Cat swooped in like a Ninja over and over and pommelled our opponents time and time again.

I enjoyed the evening so much that I ended it with the Yellow Emperor’s Monkey Somersault – a special Kung Fu move that can be both jubilant and deadly at the same time.

And if you are reading this and you are still curious about whether or not Cat and I are boyfriend and girlfriend, well we are – I don’t do the Yellow Emperor’s Monkey Somersault for just anyone. We have been “official” now for a couple of weeks and dating now for 2 months. Time flies when you are having fun…

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