Turkey Day Part II – (DId I mention I ran EIGHT MILES?)

After the Turkey Trot I went to my parents house for Thanksgiving. I gorged on smoked turkey, fried okra, mashed potatoes, homemade rolls, broccoli and cheese, and of course chocolate fudge cake fresh out of the oven.

Every time someone made a comment about how much I was eating I kept saying, “I just ran EIGHT MILES!” It became my personal catch phrase of the day.

I left my parents house a little after 4 and headed over to David Cribbs’ house. His dad was in town and I hadn’t seen him since Dave got married 3 years ago. Josh and Erika Wiese – Dave’s brother and sister and law, were also there and with the rest of the family it was indeed a real party. I love Thanksgiving, I love seeing so many people that I don’t get to see all that often and so after a short stay at Cribby’s along with green bean casserole, turkey sausage dressing, and two helpings of ambrosia, I moved on to Cody’s house.

I arrived at Cody’s house at around 5:30 and the whole family was there and dinner was cooking. I was elated because I always love to hang out with the Miller’s. I ate for the 3rd time that day – more mashed potatoes, more turkey, more homemade rolls – I could afford to, I had just ran EIGHT MILES!

We sat around and laughed and talked and finally I dozed off at around 9:30. I slept on the couch upstairs and for some reason awoke Friday morning at 6:30AM wide awake. My legs were sore. VERY SORE – I felt like I had ran a marathon, not just EIGHT MILES. I could barely make it down stairs! With each step I cried out to Jesus begging for his healing power – he denied it – probably because I had sinned so much the previous day with the sin of gluttony, I tried to tell him – “But Jesus, I just ran EIGHT MILES!” he didn’t care to hear it.

I went home and started getting ready for the rest of the day and the rest of the weekend. I was to have Thanksgiving lunch with Cat’s family at 1pm and I still had so much to do. First of all I needed to stop by Chick-fil-A and get two 4 packs of Chicken mini’s. And besides, less than 24 hours ago I had ran EIGHT MILES – so I could still afford to eat stuff that wasn’t good for me and feel no guilt at all.

I got home, did some laundry, cleaned up the apartment a bit, and then went to the gym for a swim. My legs were DYING and so I thought swimming might help loosen them up. After a brisk swim I sat in the hot tub and then the dry sauna – I felt like I deserved a Spa day because I ran the Turkey Trot the day before and I ran EIGHT MILES!

I got to Cat’s house a bit early and her mother offered me a seat. I could barely sit down my qauds were so sore. Cat laughed and asked, “Are you really that sore?” I looked at her with a look of “Are you kidding me – weren’t you there when I ran EIGHT MILES!?!?!” I simply nodded yes and then her mom offered me a bigger chair and so I had to get up and sit down again which was extremely painful each and every time. The food was delicious. Finally after 3 Thanksgiving meals I got to have some pecan pie and Amstaff Mom made the wonderful chocolate praline pie that I love and so I had some of it as well. Cat’s mom also made some wonderful sweet potato casserole that I ate two helpings of as well as some really delicious hot rolls. (I am getting hungry again – good thing I am heading over to Ninfa’s pretty soon)

After Cat’s house I headed up to Waco to visit Joe and Amber. We went to Outback SteakHouse for dinner and we ordered a Bloomin’ Onion. It was so good and so was my burger and fries. I asked them not to bring the fries and I ordered a salad to replace them – but they brought both and so I ate the fries – I figured – Why not, you just ran EIGHT MILES! so you can eat them.

And today I am still at Joe’s while I type this. Cat had to work and so she couldn’t come with me, and I really wish she could have because we have been doing so much fun stuff here – one of them being relaxing and not running and hopefully if my legs feel better tomorrow we will go bike riding and if you remember my previous posts about Cat – she likes to bike ride, and she really likes to race by people when she is bike riding and if you listen closely you will hear her say mean stuff to them when she flies by them like they are sitting still. So tomorrow, if you are in Waco and I pass you and I yell out mean stuff, I am only doing it because I miss Cat and yelling out mean stuff will make me feel like she is with me – just like she was at the end of those EIGHT MILES!

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