Thanksgiving Jokes

Pooladsanj Pooladsanj is a hypothetical child on Kiss FM. He told these jokes to his mother in a bit they were doing about Thanksgiving. I am working on templates and so you get two jokes instead of something more interesting.

What did the mother Turkey say to her children when they were behaving badly?

“If your father could see you now he would turn over in his gravy”

Why can’t you bring a turkey into church?

Becuase they use foul language!

The clue for the Big Money What is that is:

One more clue before the holidayThis is something you probably won’t do on Turkey Day.

The Jackpot is 37,500 and it sounds like someone is throwing a can into a trash can.

And yes, for those of you who guessed last time, it was indeed Mike Modano – he was snapping and unsnapping his helmet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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