A Possible Poltergeist

This morning when I went to my truck I started to get in and I noticed that the glove box was open and the passenger seat was leaning forward.

I have a truck and I park it next to a pole and so it is impossible to open the passenger door. It is also very difficult to pull the passenger seat forward if you are in the drivers seat.

And why was the glove box open? I immediately panicked because this looked like someone had rummaged through my truck trying to steal something. I really have nothing to steal in my truck and after looking everything over I couldn’t find anything missing.

I started to wonder if maybe I had left the seat forward and the glove box open? Did I? No. I distinctly remember going out to my truck at 10:30 to get a shirt out of my truck, but I know I didn’t open the glove box and I didn’t pull the seat forward.

So who did?

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