Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Last night I got all dressed up to go and see a Sneak Preview of the 4th Harry Potter movie – and when I say dressed up, I mean literally – I went as Hagrid.

If you aren’t a Potter fan then you won’t know that Hagrid is a giant with a huge beard and bushy hair. He is the gamekeeper for Hogwarts. And like most of us big guys, he is a gentle giant.

I work for Texas Instruments and because I have performed 3 times in our diversity talent show people have caught on to the fact that I like to put on a show. One of my co-workers asked me if I would dress up as Hagrid for a charity event that would help the Children’s Charity – City House.

When I was first asked to play Hagrid I said “No” – Too busy. I was asked again by someone else and I said no again, and then finally the originally lady asked me one more time and I finally said yes.

There were 5 of us dressed up as Professor Sprout, Guilderoy Lockhart, Professor Trelwani, and Mrs. McGonagall. We were to entertain the people while they waited in line. We passed out goody bags to the kids and we gave away prizes.

Overall it was a lot of fun, except for one tiny little point that I have to point out. The lady that asked me to perform is a little bit of a control freak nazi. I knew that she could be this way, but I didn’t expect any trouble from her. I was tasked with passing out some tattoos and I accidentally gave 2 kids who weren’t with City House tattoos. This coworker lady said, “Oh, they aren’t with City House, don’t give them tattoos.” And I said “Okay, I didn’t realize it.” Then she said “We only have 40 tattoos, so only give them to the City House kids…” Then she looked me in the eyes like I was 5 years old, raise her eyebrows and said, “Okay” and I said “Okay” like is this lady serious? Did she not understand that I got it the first time? Did my large hairy beard and hair make her think that my I.Q. had dipped down into the mentally handi-capped department.

I didn’t let her bizarre behaviour bother me for very long, but when I am volunteering for something, I expect special treatment – not to be treated like I am “special”. There is a difference.

Back to the movie…

It was great, probably the best out of the 4 movies. The special effects were freakin’ brilliant! And for a two and a half hour movie it seemed like it was only 45 minutes long.

Go see it if you are a Potter fan, and if you aren’t then go see Pride and Prejudice – I am tomorrow!

And the Kiss FM Big Money What is that? Clues for those of you in Dallas:

Fridays Clue 11/18/2005 Kids love to use them they are easy and fastEveryone has used these at least once in the past.

Wrong Guesses:
It is not a vending machine or a vending machine door.

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