Silver Kryptonite

I used to watch Smallville religiously. When it first started Cribby (an old roommate) and I used to watch it while swilling multiple cans of Dr. Pepper and eating fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and fried okra.

Unfortunately, the show started to take a lot of weird twists and turns and for me I felt that they built up episode after episode and they never delivered. Today the commercials keep talking about “Silver Kryptonite”, like it is different from the red or green kryptonite that we are already familiar with. Next I am sure they will have Platinum Kryptonite!

So why am I talking about Smallville? Becuase it was a great show that rarely delivered – which is not the case with LOST.

Did you watch last nights episode? Did you see that Shannon got shot? They told us in the previews that someone was going to die and they did! And it wasn’t some side character that no one cared about – it was hot blonde Shannon! I am livid! If you are going to kill off people, kill off the dudes!(Like Hurley and John Locke) Soon the show would be all about the Big Fat guy who is now slim and surrounded by attractive women – then the show would have to change it’s name to Fantasy Island!

The show was starting to slow down after the first couple of episodes, but then BAM! – in one episode they brought me right back and I am focused in on this show like Ansel Adams on some beautiful scenery (Okay, lame simile, but it’s early!)

So what are you watching?

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