Marry Me… Reason #79

The Four Horseman of Marriage

There are “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” in the book of Revelation that bring terror and destruction into the world. As I’ve studied marriages, I believe there are “Four Horsemen” that threaten to trample the romance for every couple. The first is sin: romance dies when you and your spouse become so wounded or disillusioned that you become calloused – your soul mate becomes a roommate. The second is age: romance dies when you focus more on the outer beauty than on the inner beauty. The third horseman is laziness: romance dies when your daily routines push out or sap your strength. The final is forgetfulness: romance dies a sad death when you take your spouse for granted and forget that they are a precious gift from God. Finish Strong!

This is from Tom Nelson’s Song of Solomon series.

I will always keep an eye out for the Four Horseman.

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