Confessions of a Guysha

1. I cuss and swear sometimes when I am by myself, and when I do, I do it with a British accent. (Oh, stop judging me, you know you do it too)

2. I don’t like checking voice mail because it almost always means someone wants something. Kidd Kraddick said, “My phone has turned into a favor phone…” that isn’t always the case for me now, but at one time it seemed to be that way and now I don’t like to check my voicemail. Don’t get me wrong, I like to do favors, it’s just that sometimes I can’t deliver and I hate not being able to deliver.

3. I am like big Al Mac on KISS FM – this morning they said, “Al is lacking in the one-on-one conversation department.” So often I find that I am just like Big Al – I need an audience to be at my best, but I am working on the one-on-one conversation (Cat is helping me in that department)

4. At times I am overly sensitive. A lady called me Betty on the phone the other day and I cussed her out – but I did it in a British Accent.

5. Growing up I always wanted to be just like Mr. T with a mohawk and everything – sometimes I still do.

6. Once a year I like to eat Jack in the Box Tacos – When I am eating the mystery meat concoction, I know it is probably the worst thing I could consume, but I eat it anyway and I enjoy them with lots of that hot sauce that comes in a packet.

7. I don’t like talking on the phone unless I have something to say, I never call people just to chat – I use email and blogging to catch up with people, not the phone. (it’s the 2000’s people, email is communication)

8. I rarely eat cold sandwiches. When I was growing up I ate a lot of cold sandwiches and now I am just not a fan of them, grilled cheeses – yes, cold turkey and cheese – NO!

9. I used to tell people, “I am high maintenance, but I am worth it”. Wow, what a girl thing to say(no offense ladies), I am embarrassed that I ever said that to anyone.

10. I have an irrational fear of looking into mirrors in the middle of the night. I always think I see something in them that isn’t really there. Sometimes I force myself to look just because the fear is so silly, but most of the time I just look away.

Oh, and about the title – has anyone read “Confessions of a Geisha”? The movie coming out looks fascinating.

And last night I worked on this web job, just in case you like keeping up with my web work.

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