Blogger Game Night #5

Much like the Mambo #5, Blogger Game night #5 was a hit. We partied at my place with Papa John – Papa John’s pizza dough that is. I called the local Papa John’s and asked if they would sell me some dough and they said yes. When I arrived they just gave it to me for free. The plan was to have a pizza-making party and it actually went quite well. The dough was a little more complex to flatten out than we all expected, but it was fun watching everyone try to be Italian for the night. We loaded our pizza’s up with honey baked ham, pineapple, chicken, onions, olives, feta cheese and lots of gooey mozzarella, asiago, and parmesan cheese. They were quite delicious and this morning as I type this I am eating one of the left-over pizza’s.

The Barefoot Contessa from The Food Network had suggested cooking your pizza’s on the grill – we did and it did absolutely nothing to enhance the flavor – so people, don’t waste your time or your money cooking the pizza’s on the grill.

Joe Bruner, one of my buddies that is more like a brother than a best friend, came to visit. He partied with us while his wife was stuck working and studying in Waco. (Hi Amber, we missed you!) It was so great to have him here. He is really funny and Jeff-Brian – Amstaff Mom’s husband – was also hilarious and about 8 times throughout the night I almost exploded with too much laughter.

Cat was able to make it to the party too. It was a very busy week for us with the Neva Dinova show on Tuesday night, the Pregnancy Dinner on Thursday night, and then Friday night game night. At least if you date me you won’t be bored, you might be worn out and overwhelmed – but bored? – Most definitely not. Joe tried to force feed Cat a couple of oatmeal cookies and stuck the plate right in her face and I didn’t come to her rescue, I just laughed wildly. I am sure the poor girl was overwhelmed with us, but she took it all in stride – props to her, she keeps passing all my tests. (wink)

We ate drank and were merry as if it was our last day on earth. We feasted on cookies and Amstaff’s special chocolate praline pie. We went through an entire case of bottled water, a couple pitcher’s of sweet tea, and even a few yogurt smoothies. We played Cranium and Catch Phrase and enjoyed each other’s company. Life is good like that sometimes, no worries, no cares, just good times with good friends.

For those of you that couldn’t be with us, perhaps we’ll see you at the next one.

Mad love for you my friends and family, Mad Love.

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