Neva Dinova – Neva Again?

The Cavern was dark and not so much cavernous as it was coffin like. The elongated structure in Lower Greenville had to have been built in the 1930’s or 40’s sporting hardwood floors and brick walls that could probably tell some great stories if they could talk. Illuminated by candle light and a modicum of stage lighting, the small club was warm and cozy – if your idea of warm and cozy if Dracula’s dining room – which mine happens to be.

I felt like I had been transported back to the 40’s as I looked around and took a mental snapshot of the wearers of cardigans, lamp-shade dresses, and knee high stockings with flats. Vintage, cute, frumpy, and most definitely emo, I liked the diversity and I love how people, especially young people, seem to find their identity in music.

Most of the fans were in their early 20’s some of them bearing the despised “X” – the bain of the under 21 crowd. A handful of people gathered around the stage while the opening act, Jeff Kline, started to play.

Kline’s soothing sounds were soulful and full of emotion and… profanity. His humor was self-depracating and of course like all rockers, he was quiet and moody. He appeared to be a homeless Beatle with his pale skin, longish hair and 3-day beard. You couldn’t help but like him, his music was melancholy and infinitely sad, but it moved me and I was reminded of the Wallflowers and Coldplay while I listened to his acoustic riffs.

Neva Dinova came on stage with a full band and a black drummer with dreds. I liked them immediately. Once again their music had an unusual depth and sadness, but the band brought levity to their set with humorous anecdotes and witty banter with the small crowd. After a few great songs from Neva, we heard from Orenda Fink.

Fink is a woman. Her vocals were crisp and clear and the harmonic melodies fondled my eustachian chamber to a point somewhere between bliss and ecstasy. Every song she sang I could play over and over and never get tired of hearing it. I love good live music, and this was definitely just that. Confident and Cute, Orenda had me with the first strum of her guitar – I love a girl that can play an instrument – and she kept me entranced for the rest of the evening despite the late hour(1AM) and my initial apprehension about the evening ( I was afraid I wasn’t going to like the music).

The evening was pleaseant. It was new territory for me even though when it comes to new experiences I think of myself as Clark of Lewis and Clark.

Thanks Cat for the invite, I had a great time – and instead of Neva Again, I’ll be saying, Neva Foreva!

Rock on my brothers and sisters, Rock On!

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