Motorola RAZR or “Race”er?

Due to the popularity of the new Motorola RAZR Black, Motorola has decided to release the Motorola RAZR Latino, the Motorola RAZR Asian, and the Indian RAZR.

Many user’s didn’t realize that the hip new RAZR would outshine many of the less “cool” Motorola phones. When the “Black” came on the scene with hip-hop ring tones and wallpapers featuring 50 Cent and Lil’ Kim, “whiter” phones were suddenly referred to as “Cracker” phones and everyone was racing to get the new Motorola Black.

Motorola’s marketing analysts realized that they had found a new market niche and they plan to capitalize on it by marketing phones to different ethnic groups. The Motorola Latino will be preloaded with ring tones from Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and of course, Ricky Martin. It will come in a warm brown color and if you leave it out in the sun it gets darker over time.

The Motorola Asian is preloaded with math software and video games and comes with a Peekachu or Yu-Gi-Yoh paper. It is also filled with zany techno ringtones and red wrist strap with a jade dragon accessory.

And last but not least, the Indian RAZR with video clips fresh from Bollywood and the most popular Indian ring tones. It is also preloaded with Sanskrit and Hindi text editors so users can text message in Hindi, Sanskrit, or English!

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO says of Motorola, “It is a great marketing idea, so great we plan to come out with our own line of ethnic iPods…”

Customers of Motorola seem to think that the new RAZR’s are politically incorrect and encourage stereotypes, but Motorola executives say that “stereotypes exist because they are mostly correct and instead of ignoring the obvious, they plan to capitalize on it. ”

(This post was inspired by the absurdity of the new commercials for the Motorola RAZR Black – everyone acted like it was such a big deal – I just didn’t get it – and maybe you don’t either. )

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