Tuesday night there was a Mavs game, Wednesday night I had ManiAAC practice, and tonight there was another Mavs game and we performed during half time. We performed this really simple routine to the Sugar Hill Gang’s song Apache. Word on the street (And I am always on the street) is that the song appeared in an episode of The Fresh Prince and Carlton and Will did a routine to it. I thought I had seen every episode of The Fresh Prince, but somehow I missed this one.

Although the routine was simple, I was not getting it. I stayed up till almost 1 in the morning last night going over it and over it. I wanted to know it so well that I could do it in my sleep. Thankfully all the practice paid off, I brought it during half time and I was only off a half-step on one part when we watched the tape after the performance.

The Mavs won again tonight, and the fans were showing us lots of love. As you walk out of the AAC people are shouting out ManiAAC! ManiAAC! A lady ran over to me, grabbed my arm really quick and said, “I love your dance moves!” She quickly ran away like a teenager at a high school football game. Then another woman asked to get a picture with me and her son.

I didn’t realize it was going to be as much work as it is, but it is really worth it.

On a side note – I realized I haven’t written anything eddo style lately. No post filled with exaggerations, no details on dinner dates with Cat, no movie reviews – I’ll remedy that I promise.

For now, I am signing off… Peace Out!


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