Pensive at Posted Note

This is a poem Tom Nelson wrote and stuck in our bulletin at church. It is really deep and I wanted to share it and get your feedback.


I need someone to blame for this fiasco.
This social degeneration from the 50’s onward.
This family, authority, sexuality, the arts, public decency,
the home, education, violence, abortion, etc. Fiasco.
I need someone to blame.

Maybe Protestants and Catholics of the 1600’s who killd 25% of Europe’s
men in religious wars… that made Europe lose hope in God…
that forced Descartes to forgo the Bible for reason… “I think therefore I am”
…that started this man-centered avalanche
Maybe some empirical Deist who replaced God with Natural Law.
Voltaire! “Liberty, unity, fraternity” …bloodbath!
or Kant, Hegel, or Nietzsche…
“We cannot know absolutely”
“God is the Spirit of the universe working out his mind in history”
“God is dead”

Plunged into Atheism, Communism, Nazism
…World Wars…
or maybe Darwin
Brought Atheism to the common man
man into the jungle
or Freud… who took away Responsibility
made “will” just a part of our iceberg
or Skinner or Rogers who relativized morals
or Bultmann who “demythologized” scripture and sent heaven crashing to earth
or Sartre who godfathered the 60’s and relativized truth
or the Beatniks who took “man oriented subjectivism” into literature
or Jaskon Pollack who took it into art
or Picasso who broke with the real world
or Cage and music
or Hugh Hefner and morals
or Timothy Leary and drugs
or The Maharishi who dressed up pantheism
or The Beatles who popularized it
or maybe Hollywood who marketed and trafficked error
or whowever made The Faith mere emotional excess
or mere entertainment
or a means to money
and removed God as a viable hope

Whoever it was-
somebody cast a civilization onto the seas
someone left a country adrift
quenched the light of the divine image
Removed the boundaries of right and wrong
Blinded us to decency
Dulled the standard of the arts
Sawed the branch on which we sat… I need someone to blame
Some serpent, some dragon, some roaring lion.

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