Eddie Needs…

This was inspired by it is not a meme or anything like that. She didn’t tag me, I just read on her site where she Googled “Amber Needs” and it returned a whole bunch of stuff and so I did it.

Here are some of the clean and funny ones…

Eddie needs Phil’s friendship because it makes Eddie feel always superior.

I need Eddie and Eddie needs me!” Chloe sobbed. “You can’t take us apart!”

Eddie needs the lift up, and wouldn’t you love to see him cursing in a Tarantino movie?

Eddie needs a safe fenced in yard- no exceptions

Eddie Needs to Sober Up

Eddie needs an impressive pet to take to the school

Eddie needs to let the acting go and go back to his roots

Eddie needs therapy

Eddie needs a shrink in the worst way

Eddie needs to get information from some dark and nasty places that even the police don’t know about

Eddie needs disciplining, right away

What eddie needs is to find a really exciting guest who will have the viewers glued to their screens

Eddie needs to learn that he’s got to wait his turn

Eddie needs to quit opening emails from people he doesn’t know or find a better class of friends.

Eddie needs a new pair of shoes, and he’ll do anything from G to X rated (within the bounds of good taste) to get them. (I need shoes people!)

Eddie needs to get on an “Eat To Win” diet and shed some pounds, nothing you haven’t heard before ( I love that it says, “Nothing you haven’t heard before!”)

Eddie needs to up the laughter quota (I know that’s the truth)

Eddie needs quite a bit of help, cause you know, he’s one of those boys which is quite naughty, and I feel that, I feel that I should try to help him to get better.


Eddie needs to sing love ballads on top of a mountain

Eddie needs all the help he can getfrom even the most unexpected places.

Eddie needs to be retired to a museum

The first thing Eddie needs to do is wipe that smile off of his face.

So please tell me what you need?

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