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Clues for the current contest 11/10/2005

Tuesday 11/22/2005: Clue – they come in all colors, they are not all the samesome of them are fancy, some are them are plain

What IS That? Clues, Clues, Clues, I need more clues.

IT WAS A PHONE LINE CONNECTING TO A PHONE JACK! I actually figured this out after the last clue, but I couldn’t get through! Anyway, it was fun trying to win!

The Jackpot is now up to 38,300 dollars! A lady just called in and guess VCR! Updated at 2:17.

There is a secret sound that to me sounds just like a stapler stapling.

Here are some of the clues:

The 3:00 Clue – After this sound, it’s ready to use, it’s so easy you can’t lose.

The 1:00 o’clock clue – Around the house they are usually hidden.

The 12:00 o’clock clue – Just by making the call, you’ve got what it takes to win it all… I have no idea again.

The 11:00 o’clock clue – Most of them are gray if they are around your house, but technology has wiped most of them out. – Once again this fits with Katie’s guess. The lady that called in at 11AM guessed a breaker switch – that was wrong. The next chance to call in will be around 2:00.

If you are at your desk it is probably within your reach

When you are working, someone normally does this for you.

It will fit in the palm of your hand

Most of them are by your feet

They can be in your house or in your office

Some guesses have been keyboards, and door locks, and microwave doors, and even the lever on the vacuum cleaner that allows you to lean the body of the cleaner back. The most recent guess was, The sound of putting in a computer disk into your computer – which was a really good guess. I will be updating this throughout the day.

I thought it was the sound a trash can makes when you open it with one of those foot petals, but you can’t put a trash can in your hand!

I need help people – what makes the sound of a stapler that is by your feet?

Big Money What is that? Kiss FM’s Big Money What is that? Kiss FM Secret Sound Clues!

(I want people to find this site and help me with some guesses)

Clues are being updated for the recent 11/10/2005 contest here!

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