A Slice of Humble Pie

Last night I went up to the AAC to shoot a video with the ManiAACs. We did a routine to Mambo #5 and “Come on feel the noise” by I believe Motley Crue. For the first 16 counts of the Mambo number 5 we were just shaking our heads with our arms crossed. 2 guys were coming up with the routine moves and I really, really wanted to interject. However, this other guy was like, “ManiAAC’s don’t swing dance”.

The Mambo #5 is swing dance music and I thought it woudl be really cool to do a Charleston step. Well, long story short, no one would even listen to me and so I slinked away, more than a little disappointed.

Going in I thought we were all going to get to have some creative input on the video, but I realized that it’s best to just sit back and wait for them to ask for input instead of trying to readily give it.

As many of you know, I like to dance. One year Jamie McCracken and I taught a group of High Schoolers at Liberty Christian how to Swing Dance. I have been to multiple classes in Swing and I took Country and Western dance for two semesters in college. So my input I think would have been beneficial.

It seemed at first that our video was going to be a bit of a snorefest, but they kept tweaking and tweaking it and by the end of the evening it turned out pretty cool. I realize that I am just a rookie and sometimes you have to earn your right to be heard, but when you have good ideas it is hard to sit by when you are used to being the one doing the leading.

So I watched from the sidelines with my slice of humility and even though I didn’t like the way it tasted, I knew it was good for me.

This semester I know is going to be one of growth; dating a great girl, being a Mavs ManiAAC, becoming an uncle in December, a mini mission trip to NYC next month, and I plan to run the 8 mile run at the Turkey Trot this year on Thanksgiving day. So many things that require focus and hard work, but they are all worth it and I love a challenge.

Keep me in your prayers!

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