Give Me Some Hungry Chicken!

The weekend was nice – really nice. It started with a trip to Joe T. Garcias on Friday and ended with a lot of overeating at the State Fair. In between we did some dancing, we witnessed an extremely frightening car wreck and got out and assisted, I made a Mavs ManiAAC appearance at the opening of the FireWheel Mall in Garland and I got to dance and sign autograph’s, and then we had lunch at Tin Star and then an extreme game night filled with grilled burgers and chicken and Cranium, Catch Phrase and Texas Hold’em. Sunday I performed at my first large scale performance at the American Airlines Center. The parents were there (I love you mom and dad!), the blogger friends were there( hi Steve, KT, Jes, and Jennifer), and my sister and some other friends that are like family(Hi Kris Ann and Senator!) came and it was a blast.

Then we went to the State Fair and ate so much food. It was a blast hanging with Steve, he is indeed like a brother from a different mother. We hit it off and only he and KT may understand the title of this post but it is a little shout out to both of them.

The second date went well, (Hey Cat!) except for the car wreck which I will talk about in a separate post.

I am sure if you check out KT’s, Steve’s, Amstaff Mom’s, and Jessica’s sites you will see pictures before you see pictures here – they are the ones with all the cameras. I only have a couple of pics and you will probably get them later this week.

I’ve got nothing but love for all my readers of Posted Note and if any of you ever want to come and stay with me, the purple couch is always open.

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