City Roller Coaster

You know what would be really cool? A city-wide rollercoaster tourist tram thing. You know how when you go to New York New York in Las Vegas how there is a roller coaster going inside the building and then outside and then back in – well, I want to expand upon that idea.

What if here in Dallas we had a tourist coaster that lasted about 20 minutes. It could wind down through the arts district past the ACC, and then wind it’s way past the Reunion Tower and City Hall. Then it could make it’s way down over to SMU and the Highland Park Area. After seeing the highlights, we could show off some of the lowlights – like Fair Park and Oakcliff, and then back to the nice parts like lower Greenville and then end at the Galleria.

How cool would it be to see this coaster as you are going about your day. You could see people having a good time while they were getting to see your wonderful city – quickly.

I am going to talk to Laura Miller, Dallas’ Mayor, and see if she can help me get this idea implemented.

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