Anxious, Nervous, and a little Naseous

This weekend is going to be huge. Today Steve arrives from Oregon and we are all getting together for some serious partying in Ft. Worth a.ka. Funky Town.

So meeting Steve in person will be cool, but I am also bringing a date. (yes, this will be the second one with the same girl) It should be a fun evening of dinner and dancing, but then tomorrow I have a Mavs ManiAAC appearance at the Firewheel Mall, and then a game night tomorrow evening and then my first big appearance at Mavs Fan Jam on Sunday and then off to the State Fair.

Today I also have a going away luncheon for a friend and after that and before dinner tonight I have to drive over to Harry Hines and pick up some blue camo pants at the Army Navy store for tomorrows ManiAAC appearance.

So all the excitement has me a little bit too anxious… and I think a good projectile vomit may be in the forecast.

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